Custom Pricing Development Services

Projects and tasks in automating pricing processes and the transition to data-driven pricing are within the TOP5 of digital transformation projects in retailers' portfolios.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

- Selection and introduction of ready-made data-driven pricing systems, e. g., such as SmartPricing, and integration with the current company's IT system;

- Development of in-house dynamic pricing solution.

The second path is chosen by companies with their unique experience in solving pricing problems, their own proven strategy, and pricing rules. An additional reason for in-house development may be the integration complexity and the chain scale, which significantly reduce the effect of using ready-made systems.

However, this way has many hidden dangers. Data-driven pricing automation projects require not only programming competencies, but also deep industry knowledge and practical experience. Direct application of standard machine learning approaches and working using raw statistical data may keep the project at a long stage of “data-science” research.

If your company chooses the second way, our team, including the development team, with many years of experience in developing methodology and automating of individual pricing tasks, as well as developing an integrated Smartpricing system, is ready to significantly reduce the risks and time of your own data-driven dynamic pricing system by:

Developing methodology and algorithms to solve individual pricing issues

Big data analysis, building and testing of machine learning models for pricing

Audit of existing solutions in the field of pricing automation with recommendations for their improvement

Setting tasks and drawing up technical requirements for the development of individual modules and features

Programming individual modules and features of your pricing system

Developing analytical Tableau-based BI dashboards and panels

Programming parsing services to monitor prices on the Internet

Managing your pricing system development project

Developing mobile applications for pricing, such as monitoring competitors' prices.

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SmartPricing AI MicroService Platform — Smartpricing Microservice Platform
The new version of Smartpricing based on microservice architecture with a Greenplum-based scalable parallel-distributed data storage and processing platform allows you to embed individual pricing data-driven services into your developments using microservices, without buying ready-made SmartPricing modules.
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