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Projects and tasks aimed at automating pricing processes and transitioning to data-driven pricing are among the top 5 priorities in the digital transformation agendas of retail companies.

There are two main avenues to tackle this challenge:

  • Choosing and implementing off-the-shelf data-driven pricing systems, such as SmartPricing, and integrating them with existing IT infrastructure;
  • Developing a proprietary dynamic pricing solution.

The latter option is favored by companies that have accumulated unique expertise in addressing pricing challenges, possess well-established pricing strategies and rules. Another reason for choosing in-house development may be the complexity of integration and the scale of the network, which could diminish the effectiveness of pre-built systems.

However, there are numerous challenges along this path. Data-driven pricing automation projects demand expertise not only in programming but also deep industry knowledge and practical experience. Applying standard machine learning approaches and working with raw statistical data may prolong the project's duration due to extensive scientific data science research.

Opting for the second approach means leveraging our seasoned team, encompassing both development and domain expertise, which has a wealth of experience in devising methodologies, automating individual pricing tasks, and building sophisticated Smartpricing systems. We stand prepared to mitigate risks and expedite the implementation of your bespoke data-driven dynamic pricing system by:

Crafting methodology and algorithms tailored to address specific pricing challenges

Conducting in-depth big data analysis, constructing, and rigorously testing machine learning models specifically tailored for pricing strategies

Performing a comprehensive audit of current pricing automation solutions and providing detailed recommendations for enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency

Defining tasks and drafting detailed technical requirements for the development of bespoke modules and features tailored to meet specific needs

Developing individual modules and features of your pricing system through meticulous programming and implementation

Building Tableau-based BI dashboards for insightful data visualization

Developing parsing services for internet price monitoring through proficient programming techniques

Leading pricing system development project management

Developing mobile apps for price monitoring, including competitor analysis features

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SmartPricing AI MicroService Platform — Smartpricing Microservice Platform
The latest Smartpricing iteration built on a microservice architecture with a scalable, parallel-distributed data storage and processing platform powered by Greenplum, empowers you to seamlessly integrate bespoke pricing data-driven services into your projects using microservices. No need to purchase pre-packaged SmartPricing modules.
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